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SMA Technology Lab
Welcome Grades K-4!


Welcome to the SMA Technology Lab


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Student Email

STAR360 Link






Google Maps


Chat to the Future

Florida Ecosystems


***Into the Book*** 

Practice reading strategies with these fun online games

ThinkCentral LogIn

Nelson's Vocabulary Parade

Viers's Vocabulary Parade

Ellis's Vocabulary Parade

Stiverson's Vocabulary Parade

Legg's Vocabulary Parade

Kelly's Vocabulary Parade

Drawdy's Vocabulary Parade

SMATechLab YouTube Channel

Padlet (click on the link and add your class' URL ending)

Digital Passport Login

Google Advanced Search Change SafeSearch to "Strict" and Usage Rights to "free to use and share"

Wikimedia Commons Search Search for "Free to Use and Share" Images, Video, and Audio  




Visual Literacy Guidelines

How to Read a Web Address (URL)

Force and Motion Links

StudyJams Force and Motion

Fantastic Contraption 2

Fantastic Contraption

Magic Pen

Build a Roller Coaster

Forces in Action

Forces and Movement

Gravity Launch



Lesson 5: Using An Online Dictionary

Wordsmyth Tutorial

Sign Up For Wordsmyth

***When Doing a Google Search Type- define: word***

What to Include In Your Presentation:

-The Word 

-Definition and Part of Speech

-A Sentence With the Word

-A Picture or Photo that Illustrates the Word


-Synonyms and Antonyms (if any)

-Other Forms of the Word (if any)

-You may also include: more images, videos, audio clips, animations, links, or other creative ways to help someone understand the word

Multiple Meaning Word Video

Multiple Meaning Words Activity

More Multiple Meaning Word Activities

List of Multiple Meaning Words


Lesson 4: 

A Study In Word Relationships

Storyjumper at School

Storyjumper at Home

Little Bird Tales


TASK: Use one of the digital book creation tools above to illustrate:

**A Word Family**

example -at book created in Storyjumper

-ack           more short and long a word families

-ick           more short and long i word families

-ock           more short and long o word families

-eck           more short and long e word families

alternate -eck link

-uck           more short and long u word families

bossy r

word family chart

**Words that Rhyme**


**Prefixes and Suffixes**

Prefix and Suffix Anchor Charts

Prefix and Suffix Chart

Prefix and Suffix Games

Prefix and Suffix Word Study

More Prefix and Suffix Activities




Analogy Lesson Video

Types of Analogies Video

Types of Analogies

Lesson 3:

Watch the homerow keyboarding tutorial:

Homerow Tutorial

Homerow Video 1

Homerow Video 2

Log into and begin homerow lessons.

Lesson 2:

Student DOs and DON'Ts for online communication

Watch BrainPopJr movie: Email

 Go to Email Game and sequence the steps to responding to an email.

Write an email to Annie and Moby explaining what you learned from the email video.

Log in to email at and compose a new email or reply to an email you have received.

Lesson 1:

What does it take to go above and beyond?

Watch this video to find out!



Go to scriblink and create a thinking map (tree or bubble) that describes what students to do to go above and beyond at school.

On the Scriblink site click the send button and type in: 

Add a short message and click ok

Use the link above to find

"good fit" AR books.

(click on advanced search to search by author)