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Important News

Cold Weather Dress Day

Due to predicted cold temperature Thursday, January 17 is a cold weather dress day. Students may wear blue jeans with their uniform shirt. Please check the front of your child's agenda for more cold weather dress information.

Job Opening

South McKeel Academy has an immediate opening for a 6th Grade ELA teacher.  If you are interested in applying, please send a cover letter and resumé to jobs@mckeelschools.com.

Cold Weather Dress Days

Due to predicted cold temperatures, Friday, January 11th will be cold weather day. All students may wear long blue jeans with a uniform or spirit shirt (because it's Friday). Please check your child's agenda for additional cold weather information.

Yearbooks on Sale NOW

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Cold Weather Dress Days

We will ALWAYS notify you by email, Facebook and our website if a day is designated as a Cold Weather Dress Day.  If you are not notified, please send your child to school in a regular uniform.  

Tomorrow, Thursday, January 10th, WILL be a Cold Weather Dress Day.  Students are permitted to wear long, solid blue jeans along with their uniform shirt.  Please review the student handbook in the front of your child's agenda for uniform and cold weather dress information.  Thank you.

November Wildcat Window

During the month of November, we are especially thankful for our amazing students.  We are celebrating a few of these KIND students in our Pre-K, 2ndand 5thgrade!  Congratulations to our November Wildcat Window students!


Iyla T.– Iyla is a wonderful and kind friend who is always happy to lend a hand.   Her teacher is always catching Iyla finding new ways to be helpful to her friends. She is a wonderful member of our school family.

 De’Narrien J.– Da’Narrien is the definition of Kindness. He is sweet and thoughtful to his teachers and friends every day.  De’Narrien is a true blessing.

 Libby M.- Libby goes above and beyond to help her friends. She is always kind. She always has a smile on her face!


Chloe W.– Chloe works hard and always does her best. She is KIND, thoughtful and an excellent example to others!

 Marcus L.– Marcus comes to school every day with a smile on his face and a positive attitude.  He is well prepared and works very hard.  He is also a great listener, an amazing classmate and shows kindness to everyone.  

 Caleb H.– Caleb is a kind and hard-working student. He follows directions without hesitation and is a wonderful example to his fellow classmates.  Our classroom is a better place because of his calming spirit and gentleness.

 Ryan G.– Ryan is outstanding student who is patient and kind to his peers.  In addition to working hard on his academics, he is a tremendous help to his teacher.

 Taylor J.  - Taylor is always showing kindness to others. She is helpful to those around her and is always polite and respectful to adults. She makes everyone feel welcome and has a positive attitude each and every day! 

 Kristin K.- Kristin is a kind, helpful, and diligent student. I can always count on her to be on task and have a positive attitude. She is an amazing artist as well!

 Colton S.- Colton is a joy to have in class. He is always so encouraging and kind to others. I love how he always puts his best foot forward in and out of the classroom. If you are having a bad day or feeling discouraged, Colton is who you want to have around! His sweet smile and encouraging, kind words are infectious. You are amazing, Colton!!


 Emily K.– Emily is a polite young lady who exhibits exemplary behavior.  She puts forth maximum effort especially in her writing assignments and is always willing to help others as well.

 Makayla D.– Makayla is a hard working young lady who always goes the extra mile and has a thirst for learning.  She is KIND to others and extremely helpful in the classroom. She is a true gem!

 Alexis P.– Even though she began her time at SMA half way through the first quarter, she has worked diligently to catch up academically with the other students.  She has a warm and caring heart, an infectious smile and an eagerness to help others.  Alexis has taken our weekly House Lessons to heart and shown great courage by standing up to something she knew was wrong.  She is a great addition to our Wildcat family and we are very proud of her.

 Cooper C.– All of Cooper’s teachers and Mrs. Hancock are just so IMPRESSED with him!  He has really worked hard on developing good study habits, organization, self-control and performance on his academics.  Way to go, Cooper!

 Ellie C.- Ellie is an incredibly hard worker! She is willing to go the extra mile to make sure things are done well.

 Isla S.-  Isla is an amazing young lady who exemplifies what an Ideal Wildcat truly is. She sets a positive example for others around her and displays humility while doing so. She goes above and beyond with her schoolwork all while still managing to keep a smile on her face. 

 Eduardo M.- Eduardo is an outstanding student! He is always prepared for class and comes ready to work! He does all of his work very thoroughly and on time. He is also extremely thoughtful when it comes to other students. He offers help and really seems to care. He always comes with a positive attitude and shows kindness to everyone! His work is always on-time and done well!

 Abigail J.- Abigail is new to SMA and has truly demonstrated what it means to be a SMA Wildcat.  She is an excellent student that consistently puts forth her best effort in all that she does.  She also has a kid heart that is willing to help others.....students and teachers alike.  We are proud to have her as part of the SMA family.


November Staff Spotlight

November Staff Spotlight

During the month of November, we are recognizing some amazing staff members in our Pre-K, 2ndand 5thgrade. 

Pre-K:  Mrs. Holly Logue

Holly Logue is a teacher assistant at South McKeel Academy Preschool.  Holly has a caring nature and loves working with the preschool children. She is very dependable and an asset to the preschool. Mrs. Holly rocks! 

2ndGrade:  Mrs. Crystal Herzog

Mrs. Herzog is one of those teachers whose creativeness, determination and talent shine through in everything she does.  The word JUST is not in her vocabulary.  She goes all out for her students, creating a classroom environment that promotes independent thinkers.  She is also the visionary behind second grade’s recent Alice in Wonderland Day. She worked tirelessly and collaboratively on this for weeks to make sure her team and students would have an experience they would never forget.

5thGrade:  Mrs. Isabel McKenzie

Mrs. McKenzie is a hardworking, energetic and dedicated teacher who always goes the extra mile while maintaining her positive outlook on life and teaching.  She is passionate about her students’ success and will move mountains to help them.  She works countless hours both in the classroom and at home to ensure that they receive a top notch education.  The compassion she shows in her teaching sets such a positive example to her coworkers. Not only is she an incredible teacher…she is an incredible teammate.  She is willing to help any of her coworkers in a moment’s notice without hesitation.  She often puts aside her own needs to assist others.  She is amazing through and through!

Clothes Closet Hours

Our Clothes Closet is open Tuesday and Wednesday 9:00-10:30 and 1:00-2:30.

Polk County Code of Conduct

Letter from our Director and Board

Please see the attached letter from our Director and Board regarding safety at our schools.



South McKeel Academy has been designated a combination SCHOOL OF EXCELLENCE by the Florida Department of Education! Click on the link below to read all about it! We are so very proud of our students and all stakeholders at SMA!


McKeel Schools Jacket/Hoodie Ordering

If you wish to purchase South McKeel jackets, hoodies and sweatshirts, please click on the link below. All orders will be shipped to you directly. 


Transportation Guidelines

Questions about transportation services?  Please click here for Transportation Guidelines.

Lunch News

*LUNCHROOM NEWS* Parents may join their student(s) for lunch beginning Tuesday, September 4th.  Remember, NO food from outside vendors is permitted.  Parents may eat in the designated area with ONLY their child.  Please limit visitors to 2.  ONLY visitors listed on a student's emergency contact are permitted eat with the student.  Check in at the front office and show ID.  Please follow this schedule:

Monday - A-D

Tuesday- S-Z

Wednesday- M-R

Thursday- E-L


Florida's Charter Schools

Know the facts about Florida's Charter Schools. Click here to learn more.

2015 Economic Security Report

The Department of Education has issued the following memorandum regarding the 2015 Economic Security Report. The full report may be viewed by clicking here.

School Start and End Times 2018-2019

School Day Start/End Times 2018-2019

  • McKeel Academy Central 8:15-3:15
  • South McKeel Academy 8:00-3:00
  • McKeel Academy of Technology*  8:45-2:30

Debit/Credit Card Transactions

The minimum charge for all debit/credit card transactions is $10.  Cards may be used for field trips, clothes closet, jeans, and Bookfair items but the total must exceed $10.  Cash and checks are accepted too.

Tobacco Free School

South McKeel Academy is a Tobacco Free School.  Smoking is prohibited on school grounds. Thank you for setting a good example for all of our students!

Medication for School

Please remember that all medication that is to be taken at school MUST have an authorization for medication form completed.  All medication MUST be brought in by an adult.  Students are not allowed to bring medication to school.