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Important News


October Wildcat Window – 1stGrade       

Drake T. – He is always showing a KIND spirit!  He does this by helping a sad friend at recess, picking up trash on his way to the bus, turning in lost money to the office or cheering on his classmates.  He is a true picture of kindness!

William C. – Will is always so kind to others.  He helps everyone who is in need.  He is also very polite and respectful to students and adults all around the school!

Cali H-W. -  She always offers a helping hand to her friends in class. She is always willing to help a friend with their work if they don’t understand.  She comes in every morning with a smile on her face, and the kindness that bubbles out of Cali is truly contagious!

Elena C. – She always makes sure to show kindness to every student in our class.  She includes them in activities, both in and out of the classroom.  She makes sure no one is playing by themselves at playground and that everyone has a buddy to work with in class!

John Mark P. – He can be seen showing kindness throughout the classroom and school. He enjoys helping out his peers and strives to try his best when working in groups. He can be seen cleaning up a mess without being asked or helping a peer with an iPad problem. 

Addison H. - She is a great leader in our classroom who always sets a great example by making good choices.  She is always being kind, and shows perseverance!

Sydney M. - Sydney is a sweet kind friend to all. She is always willing to help out a friend with their work or a kind word of encouragement. She takes responsibility to get her work completed as well as help out her friends to stay on task. She is great role model to have in the classroom!

October Wildcat Window – 6thGrade

Samantha R. – She shows kindness in so many ways!  She is always helpful, and consistently shows a positive attitude in class.  She is one of the first students to offer help to a teacher, and it’s always with a smile!

Darcy D. – She is always kind to her classmates and teachers.  Never has an unkind word been heard coming from her.  She is studious and honest, and always puts forth her best effort with a love for learning.

Emy R. – She is such a bright student and a valuable friend to her peers.  She is so considerate of others, always making sure their needs are fulfilled.  Not one day has gone by where she hasn’t assisted a friend or teacher!

Jaden K. – He always uses manners whenever he enters and exits a classroom by saying “Hello” and “Have a great night” to both the teacher and other students. He is the type of student who would do anything to help someone out! 

Cat P. – She is always kind and helpful.  She goes out of her way to be a friend to her classmates, and is a huge help to other and her teachers.  She is a great role model who consistently puts forth her best effort and always with a smile!

 Elissa A. – She is always kind and thoughtful. Super respectful and never has a late assignment! Elissa helps her peers and teachers and greets everyone with a smile! 

Angelina M-S. – She is a kind and helpful young lady who strives to always do her best!  

Margo M. -  She is a master at completing her work and any various tasks and then working on creating wonderful works of art!  She has a gentle, peaceful spirit and beautiful mind. Margo is a treasure to SMA.

BOOK FAIR IS COMING! October 26-November 2

Clothes Closet Hours

Our Clothes Closet is open Tuesday and Wednesday 9:00-10:30 and 1:00-2:30.


The Open Enrollment period for all three McKeel Schools will be from December 3 - 14, 2018. Applications will open online the morning of December 3rd. If you are currently in the lottery pool for this year you will need to reapply during that time to be considered for an opening for the 2019-2020 school year. This open enrollment is for all grades including our Pre-K program.

Polk County Code of Conduct

Letter from our Director and Board

Please see the attached letter from our Director and Board regarding safety at our schools.



South McKeel Academy has been designated a combination SCHOOL OF EXCELLENCE by the Florida Department of Education! Click on the link below to read all about it! We are so very proud of our students and all stakeholders at SMA!


McKeel Schools Jacket/Hoodie Ordering

If you wish to purchase South McKeel jackets, hoodies and sweatshirts, please click on the link below. All orders will be shipped to you directly. 


Transportation Guidelines

Questions about transportation services?  Please click here for Transportation Guidelines.

Lunch News

*LUNCHROOM NEWS* Parents may join their student(s) for lunch beginning Tuesday, September 4th.  Remember, NO food from outside vendors is permitted.  Parents may eat in the designated area with ONLY their child.  Please limit visitors to 2.  ONLY visitors listed on a student's emergency contact are permitted eat with the student.  Check in at the front office and show ID.  Please follow this schedule:

Monday - A-D

Tuesday- S-Z

Wednesday- M-R

Thursday- E-L


Florida's Charter Schools

Know the facts about Florida's Charter Schools. Click here to learn more.

2015 Economic Security Report

The Department of Education has issued the following memorandum regarding the 2015 Economic Security Report. The full report may be viewed by clicking here.

School Start and End Times 2018-2019

School Day Start/End Times 2018-2019

  • McKeel Academy Central 8:15-3:15
  • South McKeel Academy 8:00-3:00
  • McKeel Academy of Technology*  8:45-2:30

Debit/Credit Card Transactions

The minimum charge for all debit/credit card transactions is $10.  Cards may be used for field trips, clothes closet, jeans, and Bookfair items but the total must exceed $10.  Cash and checks are accepted too.

Tobacco Free School

South McKeel Academy is a Tobacco Free School.  Smoking is prohibited on school grounds. Thank you for setting a good example for all of our students!

Medication for School

Please remember that all medication that is to be taken at school MUST have an authorization for medication form completed.  All medication MUST be brought in by an adult.  Students are not allowed to bring medication to school.