Grading Guidelines K-6

Frequently Asked Questions

How will my child’s progress be communicated to me?

Effective communication between school and home is a contributing factor to academic success. Prior to the report card being distributed at the end of a grading period, parents will receive communication of their child’s progress through a variety of ways.

  • Work samples
  • Learning Management System (LMS): Seesaw (grades K-3), Canvas (grades 4-6)
  • Portfolio (grades K-3, 3 times per grading period)
  • Grade Book (online access)
  • Conferences (as requested or needed)
  • Phone Calls
  • Written Communication (agenda, emails, etc.)
How is my child graded?

Students in grades K-6 will be graded using a traditional grading scale. Students are graded on their progress made toward proficiency of the standard expectations set forth for each reporting period.

Grading Scale (Reading, Writing, Math, Science, Social Studies)
A: 90-100 Excellent
B: 80-89 Proficient
C: 70-79 Developing
D: 60-69 Limited Evidence
F: 0-59 Of Concern

How will I know if my child is not making adequate progress?

Parents will receive an automated email when their child has a D or F in a subject area.

What does an X in the grade book represent?

The grade of X tells the teacher, student and parent the student was excused from the assignment. The value of the assignment is not calculated in the summary grade.

What does a Z in the grade book represent?

The grade of Z indicates the assignment is missing and the student has the opportunity to make up the assignment within the timeframe given by the teacher. The value of the assignment is calculated as a zero. Parents will receive an automated email each evening for any student with a Z for an assignment.

Can my child reassess if they receive a low score on an assessment?

Yes, there are times when a student needs additional learning to master the content. If a student receives a D or F on a summative assessment, the student will be provided another opportunity to demonstrate their knowledge after additional teaching and practice have occurred.

For students in grades K-4, the teacher will be responsible for ensuring an opportunity for reassessment has been given. For students in grades 5-6 the teachers will work with students to work towards being responsible for scheduling reassessments. We will use these two years to teach students the process (filling out and completing reassessment contract, how to schedule a reassessment with a teacher, etc.)

How will I know how my child is performing in Specials (PE/Art/Music)?

The specials area, PE/Art/Music, will provide parents with information on how the student is performing in the area for each reporting period on the report card. Specials may vary based on grade level. Specialists will use the two scales: one for knowledge of content and another for participation.

3- Proficient
2- Developing Progress
1- Of Concern
3- Consistently
2- Most of the time
1- Of Concern
Will behavior be included on the report card?

Yes, behavior expectations will be recorded on the report card based on your child’s behavior for the reporting period.

Behavior Expectations

  1. Completes and submits quality classwork
  2. Displays best effort
  3. Follow directions
  4. Listens respectfully and acknowledges the thinking of others
  5. Takes responsibility for own actions; demonstrates self control
  6. Uses technology in accordance with school policies

Behavior Expectations Scale

  • 4- Consistently
  • 3- Most of the time
  • 2- Sometimes
  • 1- Of Concern
How are my child’s grades determined on the report card?

Mounting evidence of a student’s performance on a series of assignments, tasks and assessments will provide a “snapshot” of where the student is at that time in a content area.

How do I view my child’s grades?

Parents/guardians may view their child’s progress by viewing the grades recorded in the grade book by logging into McKeel Systems. The grade book will show your child’s overall average at that time. When you click on the grade for a particular subject, you will be able to see individual assignments and grades. For more information, see our online tutorial.

McKeel Systems Online Tutorial
How do I receive/view my child’s report card?

Your child’s report card will be emailed on report card distribution day (see school calendar for specific dates) to the email address provided by the parent/guardian when completing the back to school forms.

Can I access a report card from a previous grading period?

Yes, you may access report cards from a previous grading period by logging into McKeel Systems and clicking on the Documents tab.

McKeel Systems Online Tutorial