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Uniform Policy

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Everyday Uniforms

South McKeel Academy students are required to wear uniforms, both tops and bottoms, purchased from Risse Brothers. Uniforms may be purchased online, by phone or at their Lakeland or Clearwater stores.

Risse Brothers School Uniforms
West Lakeland Business Park
2525 Drane Field Rd, Suite 11
Lakeland, FL 33811

Boys' Uniform

Polo shirt -- Red, Yellow, Navy (grades 5-7 only) and tucked in at all times
Pants, shorts -- Navy or Khaki elastic waist, pleated, or cargo (grades K-7)

Girls' Uniform

Skort -- Plaid, Khaki, Navy (grades K-7)
Skirt -- Plaid (grades K-5)
Pants, shorts -- Navy or Khaki elastic waist, pleated or low rise flat front (grades K-7)

Other Dress Options

Students may wear a SOLID NAVY ONLY (not Red or Green) sweater or sweatshirt (cardigan, zippered or pullover style) over their uniform top. These may have no logos or may be McKeel sweatshirts (NAVY ONLY, not Red or Green) that have been purchased through the front office.

Students may wear a long sleeved SOLID NAVY or WHITE shirt under the South McKeel Academy uniform shirt.

Students may wear other heavy jackets to school, BUT only SOLID NAVY jackets, sweaters or sweatshirts may be worn inside the school building.

Jeans are not allowed on cold days. The only exception will be if a decision is made by the Director of Schools' office in extremely cold weather conditions to allow students to wear jeans. In the event of this decision, parents will be notified via an automated phone call and it will be posted on the school’s website. Long uniform pants are available through Risse Brothers/Fontaine Apparel.

Jeans Fridays

No jeans are allowed except on “Jeans Fridays” where students may wear solid blue, plain (no designs, sequins, patches, holes or frayed hems) regular fit jeans, jean shorts, skirts, or capris at a cost of $1.00 for school fundraising purposes. Shorts and skirts must be appropriate length. Participation is optional. On Fridays students may wear South McKeel sponsored shirts or spirit T-shirts with their jeans or regular uniform bottoms. Students not complying with the policy in place may lose their Friday jean privilege.

Uniform Guidelines

South McKeel Academy expects all students to dress appropriately at all times. Uniforms must be worn as follows:

  • Belts must be worn with bottoms that have belt loops.
  • Hats are not to be worn at school.
  • Shoes must have closed toes and back for safety purposes. No sandals, flip flops, heelies or Crocs are to be worn.
  • Tights: Girls can wear tights and leggings that are solid NAVY or WHITE ONLY that are full length and cover the entire leg
  • Rings: no more than one per hand.
  • Necklaces: one worn inside the shirt.
  • Bracelets: no more than one per arm.
  • Earrings: ears only
    Girls: no more than 2 per ear
    Boys: not permitted grades K-5, one per ear grades 6-7.
  • Hair: Only naturally occurring hair colors will be permitted (no purple, green, orange, pink, etc.) Boy’s hair must be off the collar and not below the eyebrows. Students with hairstyles that are considered distracting to the educational process will be referred to the office.
  • Backpacks: no offensive or disrespectful writing or drawing shall be on the backpack. Rolling backpacks are not permitted for safety reasons.
  • Body writing or tattoos may not be visible.