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Mr. Muir

7th Grade Team

Six years have come and passed so fast! I'm looking forward to my seventh year at South McKeel Academy! This will my 12th year teaching middle school science and 21+ years in the zoo field as a full-time and part-time animal keeper. I'm looking forward to a great year and look forward to meeting some of you on the other team in my Aviation class! I have left last years weekly agenda up so you can see what to expect. It will be hone nect week and I'll start over with week 1. HR parents need to go to

Below is my running agenda by week from last year. Please familiarize yourself with it. I will be changing it in the first full week of school to the current year.

Parents - Join our Facebook group for updates and information. You must be logged into Facebook before clicking link-

Homeroom Survey Link:


This year, I will be putting my weekly science agenda on Canvas under the proper module with the week and dates. Each activity will be directly linked to the file or webpage needed to complete the activity. While being in class is very important, makeup work should be easy to find.

Thank you for your continued support!

Canvas Link

Week 6 (Sept. 10-14) 

Mon-Tues- Teen Safety

Wed-Thurs- Predator/Prey game

Fri- Biosphere poster (posted on Canvas). This will be an ongoing assignment, so you need to start it). Make it look good!

Week 5 (Sept. 4-7) 

Mon- Labor Day!!

Tues- Review for Scientific Method Test. We'll use Kahoot, Quizziz and Quizlet in class, but you are welcome to use whatever resources online that may help you. Make sure to review all notes and activities you have posted in Book Creator in the Nature of Science Book.

Wed/Thurs- Gummy Bear lab

Fri- Scientific Method Test. Review will be posted on Canvas in important files on this page.

 Our test over the Nature of Science is tomorrow! We have reviewed in class and I have identified two areas that may need some practice before students take the test: Variables and Conclusions (Claim, Evidence, and Reasoning. I have two reviews that I entered as homework. There codes are 862456 and 518928. In addition, I recommend reviewing the Quizlet review and reviewing all work in your Book Creator Book.

Email me telling me your favorite place to read a book for a sticker! The deadline is 2:55 pm today (Sept. 6th).

Week 4 (Aug. 27-31) 

Mon- Present Infomercial and begin Prefix, Suffix, Root Word lesson on Canvas. 

Tues- Finish Prefiz, Suffix, Root Word Lesson. Submit your picture to Canvas when done. MAKE SURE TO FOLLOW THE RUBRIC!!

Wed- Variables Jeopardy (Family Feud Style). See Canvas for the .pdf file for practice in identifying the variable.

Thurs- Lab Safety CSI! See Canvas for a makeup assignment.

Fri- Teen Safety Matters See me for information.

Week 3 (August 20-24) 

Mon- Review Candy Lab and begin Scientific Method Comic (see Canvas for information and see me for a template if you want to do it on paper.

Tues- Finish Scientific Method Comic

Wed-Claim, Evidence, Reasoning Review Demonstrations and discussions.

Thurs- Scientific Method Notes and Variables Practice. Work is posted on Canvas. Started Infomercial project using Claim, Evidence, and Reasoning (CER). Instructions and Rubric are on Canvas.

Fri- Finish Infomercial and present Informercial.

Week 1 and 2 (Aug. 9-10 and 13-17) 

Thurs-Review Classroom expectations. See my presentation under Classroom Information on Canvas

Fri-Technology Set Up and start Card Lab

Mon- Zombie Lab Safety Video, work on Labs safety poster (see Canvas)

Tues- Finish Poster

Wed- Judge Posters in Mrs. Harwell's Room and Lab Equipment Roulette. If you are absent, see me for an alternative assignment

Thurs- Candy Mass Lab

Fri- Finish all work and answer questions for a Minor Assessment grade (the average of all minor assessments count for 30% of your overall grade). UPDATE- You will be able to review your answers for the lab questions on Monday and resubmit! wait for instructions on Monday

Email me by 8:15 on Wed. Aug. 15th and tell me your favorite move in the email for a sticker!

Welcome to 7th grade 2018-19! 

Hi parents and students, welcome to a new year at South McKeel Academy!

Parents please take some time to fill out our information survey linked below! This is for my homeroom students only. Each homeroom teacher will have you fill this out. 

Please let me know if you have any questions! I look forward to a wonderful year!  Thank you!

Mr. Muir

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