Robbin Harbison

Robbin Harbison

4th Grade Team

Hi!  I am so excited for this year!  This is my 16th year teaching.  Science is SO fun and I am having a 'blast' teaching it!

I love to learn myself.  I have my Master's Degree, Reading Endorsement, ESOL Endorsement, CIVICS Seal of Excellence Endorsement, and I plan to continue adding to my certification. I will continue to pursue more areas where I can grow as much as I can as a teacher, which is also what I try to instill in my students.  I have four kids who keep me very busy: Alicia Faith, Brianna Hope, Ciara Love, and Grayson Zane!

My favorite educational quote is by George Evans: "All students can learn, just not in the same day or in the same way."  I teach students the way they learn best and in ways that keep them motivated and wanting to come back for more (even years later!)

Looking forward to a great 2023-2024 school year!!

Ms. Harbison 🍎