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Mrs. Harwell

7th Grade Team

I have been a teacher in Polk County for thirteen years and a member of the South McKeel Academy family since the middle school opened in 2009. I earned both a Bachelors degree and Masters degree in Education from Florida State University and am currently certified in Middle Grades Integrated and Health K-12.  This year I am excited to graduate to 7th grade and join some of my previous students on their next adventure!

"When a child says science is boring, I cringe. Science is the world...and that's far from boring." -Walt Whitman

Orientation- Please Complete 

Please complete the following by clicking on each of the images below:

1. 7th Grade Survey

2. Join our Facebook group for regular updates. (Please do this part from your own mobile device or computer).

3. Be sure to see Mrs. Harwell to fill out the transporation spreadsheet before you go. 


Grades are assigned as follows:

A     90-100

B     80-89

C     70-79

D     60-69

F     59 or below

To access grades and feedback, please refer to assignments within Canvas.

Career Shadowing 

The Schools of McKeel Academy is dedicated to providing educational opportunities that go beyond the traditional classroom. As a part of this commitment, students at South McKeel Academy participate in alternative activities such as Career Shadowing. Career curriculum and exploration is an integral part of the core philosophy shared by all of the McKeel schools. When students receive career information at an early age, school involvement and school performance improve. Students increase their social and interpersonal skills. Students' confidence, competence and motivation increase, and this leads to academic success. Providing students with this opportunity to expand their horizons and to gain perspective about their future is something we are proud of! 

On that day, students will work side-by-side with a responsible adult, who works outside of his/her home and agrees to allow them to spend the day on the job with him or her.

About Career Shadowing:

1. All students in grades 6-12 are required to participate.

2. Students should select careers of interest to them. Parents/guardians should assist them in making their selection and in securing a location.

3. Students may NOT shadow teachers at a McKeel school.

4. HIPPA laws may prohibit shadowing at a healthcare facility.

5. Students should not report to school on Career Shadowing day, but should go directly to the Career Shadowing site.

6. Transportation to and from the selected location will be the responsibility of the parent/guardian. Stay tuned for additional information.

Science Labs 

This school year your child will be involved in various hands-on science activities involving the use of laboratory equipment and other science-related materials. The Science Lab Safety Contract was created to protect students during laboratory investigations and experiments and to ensure equipment is handled with care. Students may not participate in laboratory activities without a signed contract. Click the image below to access the Science Lab Safety Contract

Behavior Expectations 

Because The Schools of McKeel Academy recognizes and values its role in developing employable adults, an emphasis is placed on helping students build a portfolio of skills essential to success in the classroom and in the future workforce.  These expectations not only ensure an orderly and efficient classroom, they also encourage students to be responsible, accountable, respectful and empathetic to others.  Coaching is provided throughout the year by faculty and staff as well as peer "House Leaders".  

Behavior Expectations

1.  Follow instructions.

2.  Get along with others.

3.  Do assigned classwork and homework.

4.  Be prepared.  (Agenda completed and signed by parents, All communication signed          and returned, necessary supplies and materials, etc.)

5.  Be on time.

6.  Be dressed in appropriate uniform clothes with belt, shirt tucked in, etc.


Science goes digital!

All assignments, rubrics, due dates, and resources for Science class can be found on Canvas, an information management system used by The Schools of McKeel Academy.  Access Canvas under "suggested links" or simply click the image below:

Contact Us 

The best way to contact us is by email.  If you have questions or concerns regarding a specific subject area, please direct the email to the appropriate teacher by clicking on their name below:

Language Arts:          Emily Backes

                                         Lindsey Davis      

Math:                             Wendy Georgevich

                                         Meaghan Adlam

Science:                        Kimberly Harwell

                                         David Muir

Social Studies:            Samantha Rogers

                                          Greg Athanas

Physical Education:  Ashlinn Rodgers

Electives:                       Aviation- David Muir

                                          Criminology- Samantha Rogers

                                          CSI: South McKeel- Kimberly Harwell

                                          Everyone Can Code- Greg Athanas

                                          Guitar- Jency Meche

                                          Leadership- Emily Backes

                                          Robotics- Wendy Georgevich

                                          Intensive Math- Meaghan Adlam

                                          Intensive Reading- Lindsey Davis

General questions should be sent to your child's homeroom teacher.

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